The Year Of The Superstar

2020 brings to centre stage the iconic Adidas Superstar, as Adidas gears up to ring in the iconic brand’s 50th anniversary

Winning feet since 1969, within the first few years of its launch, 75% of professional basketball players were toting the Superstar for its superior quality and the on-court performance boost it provided.

With the explosion of hip-hop in the mid-1980s, the brand starting making waves on the streets, with Grammy-nominated hip-hop group Run DMC sporting the silhouettes during their live performances.  There was no looking back for the 3 striped sneaker, from thereon.

The Superstars went on to cash in on the music and skateboarding scene in the mid-1990s and rode the streetwear culture boom with panache all across the globe.  The 2000’s brought in more good news for the brand wherein global celebrities from all walks of life went on to vouch for the brand in the form of collaborations, endorsements, you name it.

Fast forward to 2020, Superkicks is super chuffed to announce the launch of Adidas Superstar Pure. A quick sneak peek: The signature Three Stripes have been let go of in favor of a sleeker overall profile, with a flat leather seating the sides of the sneaker in a two-part set. Add to it, lace tips with gold-film keeping up with the anniversary celebrations.

There’s more in store at Superkicks, under ‘Change Is A Team Sport’, Adidas Superstars’ global anniversary celebrations. Get yourselves to our stores and participate in our shoe personalization pocket lab (read, get quirky and personalize your Superstars). We are also all geared up with a glam photo-op space propped up for all you sneakerheads!

Be sure to drop by at Superkicks on 15 February, 2020 to get hold of your Superstar Pure and join in for the Superstar’s anniversary celebrations!

50 Years Of Superstar


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