2020 couldn’t have been more exciting for sneakerheads with some spectacular launches lined up. We’re kicking off the second month of the year by bringing you the most iconic collaboration ever – having captivated our attention since we roamed around in sneakers sized 2.5 –mixed with just the right amount of nostalgia, utility and style.

Celebrating the one of the most infamous and loved duos of yesteryears (and even beyond), Reebok in partnership with Warner Bros have unveiled a timeless footwear and apparel collection for adults, kids and toddlers. Superkicks is proud to be one of the global retailers to bring these to customers in India beginning Saturday, February 15 in Mumbai & Bengaluru.

You can either hop over to our store(s) or simply visit our website to get hold of your favourite footwear and apparel style. The sooner the better.

Instapump Fury x Tom

blog instapump fury
blog instapump fury 2

Bold. Aggressive. Fast design. Pump Technology.

Armed with a cold grey upper and fleece material.

Ideal for chases. Rodents or otherwise.

Club C Revenge x Jerry

blog club c 1
blog club c 2

Simple. Versatile.

Also available in toddler, playschool, kindergarten and school sizing.

t&j 2

Can’t pick sides? No problem.

Both models portraying the magic of the cartoon in its entirety

Reebok x Tom & Jerry Apparel

Apart from these awesome beauties, we’ll also be stocking up on an amazing collection of unisex apparel for kids and adults. The Tom & Jerry cartoon coluorways have inspired each piece and they match the footwear styles you just read about.

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